1. Ganesh Srinivasa
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  3. Tuesday, 28 July 2015
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I have installed oracle virtualbox on windows8.1 to install oracleLinux 64bit operating system. Windows8.1 is not giving option to select 64bit instead I am having option to select 32bit
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Hello Ganesh
I am not sure whether you have completed virtualbox pre-requisite settings under your computer's BIOS, which includes a setting of enabling virtualization. Please give it a try but I would recommend you to raise your issue on Virtualbox Forums at https://forums.virtualbox.org.

Some other useful links to assist you -
+ Virtual Box install on windows 8.1 64 bit - https://www.virtualbox.org/ticket/13113
+ Windows 8.1 and 64-bit Linux Guest - https://forums.virtualbox.org/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=57926

Kabeer Khan
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