Oracle VM Server and VM Manager Installation

Main Features

  • Create as many virtual machines as you want on a couple of clicks.
  • Use it to install any software from Oracle's predelivered VM Templates, thus saving you both time and money.
  • The VM Server and VM Manager supports distributed and N-Tier architecture.

For VM Server

  • Bare-metal installation on the server.
  • A completely separate harddisk will be required for VM Server installation. The installation architecture will be explained prior to installation.

For VM Manager

  • Host Operating System = Windows7 or Windows Server 2008
  • Guest Operating System = Oracle Linux 5.7 (x86-64)
  • This server can be installed on a bare-metal as well
  • Oracle Virtualbox for VM Manager
  • Oracle Linux 5.7 (x86-64) ISO DVD for VM Manager

Payment Terms

  • Advance Payment in Full.

Installation Time Frame

  • Installation takes considerably longer time (approximately 7 days). In view of this reason we would require uninturrupted access to the hardware and software for 24 hours.

Summary Terms & Conditions for this Service

  • You agree to all the terms of software download and usage of and
  • The installed Oracle VM Manager instance must be used for Personal (non-commercial) use only.
  • It is your responsibility to download the Oracle software. We will not take any responsibility if you do not download the software correctly or if at all there's a corruption in the downloaded files.
  • We will advise you the exact software to download.
  • Both Database Tier and Application Tier will be installed on one machine within one harddisk.
  • Scripts for starting and stopping Database Tier and Application Tier will be provided.
  • We will configure the host machine so that you can access the front-end of the instance on Mozilla Firefox browser.
  • One-time testing into front-end (via Mozilla Browser) will be done before you. This is the time we will show you the installed
  • You must give full access to your computer via a third party remote control software.
  • will not take any liability for the software and infrastructure provided by client which could affect the actual installation.
  • No post-installation support is included in this service. However you can purchase it for an additional small fees.

What's not included

  • Any kind of training in relation to the installation or support of Oracle VM Server or VM Manager.
  • No support after the installation has finished. The ongoing support can be purchased for additional charges.
  • In addition to the downloaded software, we will not be applying any patches of any kind on the installed Oracle Fusion Middleware instance.


  • No refunds will be possible once payment has been made.