FREE Fusion Instance

We do not charge anything for providing access to Fusion Cloud Instance, but you must:

1. Purchase subscription to Everything Club OR enroll in a Live Virtual Training course.


2. Purchase two or more Fusion Cloud related courses upfront. 

Important Notes:

1. Fusion Cloud Instance is shared by our ex-students or friends or well-wishers from Indian subcontinent.

2. Instances are usually the latest Release / Version.

3. Instance may contains demo and/or test data, which gets refreshed within 30 days. If refreshed then we could arrange for alternate one (subject to availibility).

4. Must be used for personal use only.

5. Instance access will be there until the validity of your course subscription.

What's included with the Everything Club?
  • Access to ALL Oracle E-Business Suite ERP courses
  • Access to ALL Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP courses
  • Automatic access to all new courses released during subscription validity
  • Upto 90% Savings with Everything Club subscription when compared to individual course purchase