PRC: Create Accounting program completes with Error


Below mentioned error gets reported under Concurrent Program "Accounting Program", which gets spawned after running another Concurrent Program "PRC: Create Accounting"

Module Involved

Oracle Grants Management, Oracle Projects


Error reported under the log of "Accounting Program":

An internal error occurred. Please inform your system administrator or support representative that:
An internal error has occurred in the program xla_accounting_pkg.ValidateAAD. ORA-0000: normal, successful completion.

The application accounting definition Projects Standard Accounting owned by Oracle is not validated. Please validate the application accounting definition or update the application accounting definitions contained in the subledger accounting method Encumbrance Accrual.

Concurrent Programs Involved

+ PRC: Create Accounting

+ Accounting Program

How to reproduce the issue?

Step 1. Navigate to Responsibility "Grants Accounting, Progress S&L" and run the Request Set "Grants: Interface and Distribute Non-Labor Costs"

Step 2. Several concurrent programs will be run by this request set. But ones named "PRC: Create Accounting" and "Accounting Program" results in error

Investigation done

After patch application Create Accounting is not creating all the accounts in XLA to set the item in balance.

Must use the correct file PAXLAAAD.ldt.
Application Accounting Definitions (AAD) are stored in a file called PAXLAAAD.ldt.
When a patch is applied, these accounting definitions should be imported and validated


Run the follow concurrent programs with the parameters specified below:
Step 1. Log into Projects responsibility:
Navigate - Concurrent - Request - Run

Step 2. Run the request "Import Application Accounting Definitions" with the following parameters:
AMB Context: Default
Source File Pathname: @PA:/patch/115/import/US/PAXLAAAD.ldt
Merge Analysis: No
Batch Name:
Import Option: Merge
Validate: Yes
Force Overwrite:

Step 3. Run the concurrent program "Validate Application Accounting Definitions" with the following parameters:
Ledger = Enter the Primary Ledger
Uncompiled status only = No
Application = Projects
Application Accounting Definition Owner = User


+ Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.2.x on Linux x86-64 Operating System

Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.2.8 software is...