Oracle Fusion Procurement

Oracle Fusion Procurement Interview Questions

Represents a BU that can requisition and process invoices for a specific supplier site. A client BU is serviced by one or more
Procurement BUs.

Cost factors allow a buyer to identify and control for additional costs associated with a negotiation line. Cost factors can be calculated as either a per-unit cost, a percentage of the line price, or a fixed amount for the line.

Terms, negotiated with a supplier, to determine whether you or the supplier pays for freight charges on goods you order from that supplier.

An entity identified and given rights and responsibilities under commercial law through the registration with country's appropriate authority.

A unique specification for a negotiation line and the details that a supplier should provide when responding to that negotiation line. Line attributes can be used to ensure that all responses submitted for the line include important details beyond just the price offered for the line.

Questions to solicit high-level information about the suppliers responding to your negotiation. This information can come from the suppliers themselves or internal evaluators.

The due date and discount date for payment of an invoice. For example, the payment term "2% 10, Net 30" lets a customer take a two percent discount if payment is received within 10 days, with the balance due within 30 days of the invoice date.

The business unit that manages, owns, and is responsible for the purchasing transactions generated from the purchasing document.

Code used to group purchased items with similar characteristics such as plastics, paints, hard drives, or bolts. For procurement, every item must belong to a purchasing item category.

An Oracle Fusion Purchasing open interface that lets you import catalog information and procurement documents from your suppliers. It receives the data electronically, verifies and processes the data, and imports the data directly into the application as blanket purchase agreements, agreement lines in bulk into a purchase agreement, or as standard purchase orders.