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  3. Sunday, 25 October 2015
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Hi Kabeer,

I have gone through some of your online videos on career in oracle apps and was highly impressed. I would like a career advice from you.

I have 17 yrs of exp in Financial industry working as IT delivery manager. I have started my career in oracle working on forms, reports and plsql. Then I worked as oracle DBA providing consultancy to multinational clients. However in last 5-6 years I have been into project managements handling projects in various technologies. But I want to shift my focus into niche areas and develop my skills accordingly for future career. And having oracle background my preference is to work in oracle.

Pl suggest if I should pursue DBA stream or work as oracle apps consultant. Looking at your videos oracle apps seem to be excellent. Please suggest on the stream and which way should I start. Also guide on which of the business processes would be good for me given my experience.

Thanks in advance.

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Hello Sachin
Based on your experience you may have few options:

OPTION 1 - Switch to Oracle Apps DBA career path. You can gain some years of experience as an Oracle Apps DBA and once you have a grip on the server then you may look for Oracle Apps DBA Manager or Infrastructure Manager role.

OPTION 2 - Learn Oracle Apps Financials and then gain some implementation experience in it. You may then move towards a role of Oracle Apps Project Manager.

Good luck!
Kabeer Khan
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