1. Michael Nastasi
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  3. Friday, 03 June 2016
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So I posted a question here: Oracle Technology Network Question but no response yet so I thought I'd try here...

Short version: Can REST services be used with the EBS 12.2.4 VISION Demo Virtual Appliance? If so, where is a good tutorial for setting it up?
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Hello Michael
Yes you can use REST services with Oracle EBS. Check out the following documentation links for further information:
+ A Primer on Oracle E-Business Suite REST Services

+ Tutorial: Publishing EBS 12.2 PL/SQL APIs as REST Services

+ Using REST Services to Access Data

+ Oracle E-Business Suite Integrated SOA Gateway Overview

Regarding usage on a VM environment, it should be pretty much similar to integrating on a bare-metal server. The difference could be ports that are used on VM enviroment, and any platform settings specific to VM environment (like Oracle VM Hypervisor or VMWare Hypervisor) which you have to play around with trial and error.

Kabeer Khan
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