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  3. Wednesday, 12 July 2017
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How to define a Contract Administrator?
in the demo it was shown the contract Administrator as "Able Marsha"
What are the setups done to made the "Able Marsha" as Administrator?
what are things need to do sent the clauses to her approval?
Is it Possible to set more than one Person as Contract Administrator?
if yes, then how to do the setup?

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Hello Subbu
I have already sent you the solution by email approximately 1.5 weeks ago. Anyway, please follow the below mentioned steps:
1. Log in to the Human Resources responsibility.
2. Open the Find Organization window. Navigation: Work Structures -> Organization -> Description.
3. Select the desired operating unit from the list of values.
4. Click the Find button.
5. In the Organization Classifications region, place the cursor in the Operating Unit Classification.
6. Click the others button.
7. Select the Contract Terms Setup option from the list of values.
8. In the Contract Terms Setup window, enter values for the following options:
• Library Administrator for Buy Intent
• Library Approver for Buy Intent
Kabeer Khan
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