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  3. Monday, 06 November 2017
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I have taken the Service procurement course.
There is no where it was explained as how to enabled the service procurement in advance procurement module.
Kindly explain in details what are the setups and profile options?

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Hello Subbu
You must enable "PO: Enable Services Procurement" system profile option and set its value to "Yes".

Profile Options to Process the Procurement of Complex Work
POR : Amount Based Services Line Type
POR: Default Currency Conversion Rate Type

Profile Options to Process the Procurement of Contingent Workers
PO: UOM class for Temp Labor Services
POR: Rate Based Services Line Type
PO: Contractor Assignment Completion Warning Delay
PO: Amount Billed Threshold Percentage
POR: Contractor Expense Line Type
POR: Reapproval after Contractor Assignment
ICX: Days Needed By
HR: Expand Role of Contingent Worker
HR: CWK in Head Count Reports
HR: Use Global Contingent Worker Numbering
HR: Contingent Worker Manager Actions Menu
HR: Contingent Worker Personal Actions Menu
MO: Operating Unit
HR: Business Group
HR: Security Profile
PA: Allow Time Entry of Negative Hours
PA: AutoApprove Timesheets
PA: Enable Business Messages on Time Entry
PA: Override Approver

Implementation Considerations in Oracle Services Procurement
A. Destination Types
The destination type is identified based on the selected document style. The destination type for:
--Fixed price service line types can be Expense only.
--Goods line types can be Inventory and Expense.

B. Non-Financed Purchase Orders
For a non-financed Purchase Order document:
--The pay items need to add up to the total value of the line.
--The recoupment rate should be high enough to liquidate the advances paid.

C. Financed Purchase Orders
In a financed purchase order document:
--The line has its own delivery shipment.
--All the pay items are taken to be financed and billed using 'Prepayment' invoice only.
--The sum total of pay items and advances specified should be less than or equal to the total amount of the line.
--Recoupment rate should be high enough to liquidate the advances and the pay item amount.
--Accrue at Receipt is not supported for financed pay items.
--Encumbrance is not supported for financed purchase orders.

Regarding setup, Oracle Services Procurement is not a module but a functionality. Its setup is spread across following multiple modules. Hence you must take individual course of these modules to understand the setup in detail.
-- Oracle iProcurement
-- Oracle Sourcing
-- Oracle Procurement Contracts
-- Oracle iSupplier Portal
-- Oracle Accounts Payable
-- Oracle Projects
-- Oracle E-Business Tax
-- Oracle Human Resources
-- Oracle Self-Service
-- Oracle Time and Labor
-- Oracle Projects
-- Oracle Project Resource Management
Kabeer Khan
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