Oracle E-Business Suite R12.2.4 Full Installation

MD.120 - End to End Installation of Oracle E-Business Suite R12.2.0 and then upgrade to R12.2.4 in Oracle Virtualbox

  • Installation under Oracle Virtualbox VM
  • Full details on how to install and configure Oracle Virtualbox for E-Business Suite installation
  • Installation includes complete details on Oracle Linux kernal parameter settings, creating separate users and assigning permissions for Oracle Database Tier and Oracle Application Tier
  • Includes step-by-step procedure for fresh installation to first install Oracle E-Busienss Suite Release 12.2.0, and then upgrade to Release 12.2.4
  • Includes procedure to install Vision Demostration Database
  • Includes details on the list of exact software to be downloaded from Oracle edelivery website for R12.2.0 and then patches for upgrading to R12.2.4
  • Includes detailed list of Oracle software required to be downloaded
  • Includes reference to all mandatory DB and Application Tier patches required to upgrade from R12.2.0 to 12.2.4

No of Pages: 80 and above


  • Host Operating System = Windows 7 (x86-64)
  • Guest Operating System = Oracle Linux 5.7 (x86-64)

12-Dec-13 - Version 1.0

  • Installation of R12.2.0 and then upgrade to R12.2.3

15-Sep-14 - Version 1.1

  • Updated to add R12.2.4 specific installation steps

01-Nov-14 - Version 1.2 

  • Updated to add screenshots for Weblogic Smart Update Utility
  • Added detailed instructions for applying certain pre-requisite patches.

31-Mar-15 - Version 1.3

Added instructions to set environment for applying following patches, which are required prerequisites for upgrading to R12.2.4:

  • Added details to install on bare-metal servers and virtual servers
  • Updated pre-requisite RPM requirement list and sources to download them.
  • Uodated DB Patches Patch List
  • Updated Patches for Forms_and_Reports_10.
  • Updated Patches for FMW Webtier
  • Updated Patches for FMW oracle common
  • Updated Patches for Oracle Weblogic Server
  • Added details to start VNCSERVER and to connect to server remotely via VNC-VIEWER.

14-Sep-15 - Version 1.4

Updated pre-requisite RPM download location and made sure that RPM’s were downloadable.