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  3. Wednesday, 12 July 2017
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How to define the custom Layout template?
which is based on my customer custom layout
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Hello Subbu
I have already sent you the solution approximately 1.5 weeks ago. Anyway, to change the layout, you must create a new layout template in Oracle XML Publisher.

You must be familiar with Oracle XML Publisher and have access to Oracle XML Publisher Administrator Responsibility.

You may consider the following steps to create a layout template:
1. Log in to the XML Publisher Administrator responsibility
2. Click the Templates link. The system displays the Templates Search page.
3. In the Application field, enter Oracle Contracts Core.
4. Click Go to view the search results.
5. Click the Duplicate icon for the Oracle Contract Terms template. The system copies the template as a new template.
6. In the Code field, enter a new code for the template.
7. In the Name field, enter a new name.
8. Click Apply to save the new template.
9. In the Template Files region, click the Download icon for the OKCTERM_en.XSL file.
10. Save the template to your desktop.
11. Open the template with a text or XSL editor.
12. Modify the layout or boilerplate to suit your needs.
13. Save the template with a new name, for example, MyTemplate_en.xsl.
14. In the Template Files region, click the Update icon for the OKCTERMS_en.xsl file.
15. Click the Browse button to locate and select your customized XSL-FO stylesheet (MyTemplate_en.xsl).
16. Click Apply. The system uploads the file and associates it with your layout template.
17. Click the Preview button to preview a sample document using your new layout template.
Kabeer Khan
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