R12i Oracle Shipping Execution Fundamentals

  • Released: 2017-11-27 06:30:00
  • Level: Beginner

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The Oracle Order Management and Shipping Execution solution allows the creation of an integrated, seamless order-to-cash process providing the accurate capture of customer orders across multiple channels, streamlined orchestration of order details for seamless fulfillment execution, communication of order status information to customers throughout the order lifecycle and efficient shipment planning and confirmation.

Course Objectives

This course focuses on the implementation of Oracle Shipping Execution. The instructor will detail the shipping process flows, application functionality, and requirements required to manage and control shipping request fulfillment. Students will understand the detail functionality on how to control and maintain pick releases, create and manage deliveries, create and manage trips, and the control and usage of container management. Students will learn how to manage all aspects of shipping. Related topics will include sales order entry, picking rules, shipping rules, container-item relationship setup and item definition as they relate to shipping fulfillment. 

By the end of this course students will be able to:

  • Understand Pick Release process
  • Configure the Pick Release process
  • Understand Ship Confirm process
  • Configure the Ship Confirm process
  • Create and manage Deliveries
  • Setup and manage Containers
  • Create and manage Trips
  • Understand Shipping Exceptions
  • Shipping Process Flows - Workflow, Reports and Interfaces
  • AutoInvoice and Invoice Import in Receivables
  • Understand Integration with Oracle Order Management, Oracle Transportation Execution, and Oracle Warehouse Management
  • Overview of Order Management and Shipping Technical Data Model in Oracle Applications Database
  • Overview of setting up Shipping Execution based on your business needs
  • Run and understand standard Shipping reports.

Training Audience

  • Business users
  • Functional Implementer
  • Technical Consultant / Developer

Oracle Certiication

This course helps to prepare for following Oracle Certification:

  • Exam Number: 1Z0-521
  • Exam Name: Oracle E-Business Suite 12 Supply Chain Certified Implementation Specialist: Oracle Order Management



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Kabeer Khan

Kabeer is a seasoned Oracle professional and has been working with Oracle Applications since last 20 years. He is proficient in Oracle E Business Suite, Oracle Fusion Applications Cloud and  Solution Architecture. Originally from India, he has traveled extensively on consulting assignments across South Asia and Australasia. He has worked with some of the well known large corporations, including Oracle Corporation in their Consulting Services division.

He started his career by learning Oracle Applications on 10.6 Character and 10.7 Smart Client versions. Since then he has extensively worked on Oracle E Business Suite releases 11, 11i and up until the latest release 12i.

Since last couple of years Kabeer has been working on Oracle E-Business Suite, Oracle Fusion Applications Cloud, Virtualization using VM, Solution Architecture and Cloud Computing on leading cloud provides such as Oracle, AWS, Google, Microsoft Azure etc.

Kabeer likes to work out in gym a couple of times in a week, and loves to go on hiking to natural bushes, beaches and countryside over the weekend.

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Basic knowledge of Order To Cash or Credit To Cash processes, especially around transactional, collections and receipts processing Basic overview and knowledge of Oracle E Business Suite Any experience as a Account Receivables or Order Management end-user will be advantageous but not necessary Prerequisite Courses R12i Oracle E Business Suite Fundamentals R12i Oracle Inventory Fundamentals R12i Oracle Order Management Fundamentals
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